Pigeon breeds: Bergamasco

Pigeon breeds: Bergamasco

Origin and economic characteristics

Breed created in the Bergamo area in the 19th century, probably through crosses between indigenous and Polish pigeons of the English type, for the production of meat. Today it is an exhibition breed.

Morphological characteristics

Muscular, compact Colombo with medium high position and slightly inclined posture. The main characteristic of the breed is the wide and well rounded eye contours. It has well-developed nasal caruncles and a head adorned with a shell tuft that ends at the sides with two rosettes and which, lowering on the neck, forms a mane. The weight ranges from 700 to 750 grams.
Coats: white, black, dark stone, red, yellow, magnan.

Black Bergamasco (photo Fabio Zambon)

White Bergamasco (photo Fabio Zambon)

Bergamasco dark stone (photo Fabio Zambon)

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