Pigeon breeds: Carneau or Carnoso

Pigeon breeds: Carneau or Carnoso

Origin and economic characteristics

Large breed selected in northern France and southern Belgium. It derives from the cross between a mundane pigeon (intended as Royal meat, see "columbae tenuirostratae" on the website /colombi/colombidomestici.htm) and colombo Torraiolo. Popular as well as in his homeland, it was also carefully selected in the United States where it was imported at the beginning of the 1900s. Appreciated in the past as an income pigeon, today it is bred as a show breed.

Morphological characteristics

Sturdy Colombo, slightly inclined bearing downwards and wide chest, it weighs between 600 and 675 grams. Curved and arched face, tricolor eyes with orange iris circle and red external circle.
Cloaks: solid white, red and yellow; red and yellow with white rosettes (irregular white spots on the shoulders), with white rump or with both variables.
In the USA the black color was also selected.

Colombo Carneau: tricolor eye and red Carneau (photo

White Carneau - Yellow Carneau with rosettes (photo

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