Pigeon breeds: Carrier

Pigeon breeds: Carrier

Origin and economic characteristics

The Carrier (or English Messenger) is a breed originally from Great Britain, where it has been bred for over two centuries. He contributed to the formation of the Dragon. It is bred for exhibitions. It is thought to be a messenger breed. Breeders focused on the development and shape of the head, beak and caruncles.

Morphological characteristics

Length from 44 to 47 cm.
Elongated profile, narrow skull and flat head. Robust beak that emerges in the center of the caruncle, round in profile and oval seen from above. Red eye surrounded by a white crown and well developed periocular caruncle.
Long narrow neck, slender body. Long legs and thick feet.
Many colors including black, red, yellow, brown, white and mottled.

Black Carrier Columbus breed - Black Carrier head

Carrier pigeons (photo

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