Pigeon breeds: Colombo of Lebanon

Pigeon breeds: Colombo of Lebanon

Origin and economic characteristics

Columbus originally from Asia Minor, Lebanon and Syria.

Morphological characteristics

Animal of strong constitution, compact and alert, the back line tends downwards.
The head is quite large, the elusive forehead, the color of the eyes varies from red to orange, the ocular caruncles are clear for the yellow and red coats; dark for others. The neck is of medium length with an unduly developed dewlap.
The wings are strong, but not too long. The tail, kept in line with the body, must not touch the ground. The limbs are short and without feathers.
Cloaks: red and yellow solid color or with white mirrors on the remiges and white transversal band on the tail. Blue and black with rods or white hammering; blue and black with rods, hammering or bronze wing shield.

Colombo of red Lebanon (photo

Colombo of Lebanon black with red rods (photo

Colombo of Lebanon black with white rods (photo

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