Pigeon breeds: Cauchois

Pigeon breeds: Cauchois

Origin and economic characteristics

French breed originally from the Caux area in Normandy, bred already in 1600 and described by Buffon in 1774 and called by him "le pigeon grossegorge jacinthe", by Boitard and Corbie in 1824 with the name "Pigeon Maillè", by Brehm (1840 ) who expressed the opinion that the breed was derived from the cross between a Gozzuto and a Mundane (intended as Royal pigeon, see introduction "Domestic pigeons"), by Megnin in 1898 called Mondain de Caux.

Morphological characteristics

Colombo of medium size, elegant with a weight ranging from 700 to 800 grams. In its natural position the body must form an angle of no more than 45 degrees from the ground. The neck is short, sturdy at the base, some subjects tend to inflate it like the Gozzuti, highlighting the characteristic white bib that can be more or less present.
Cloaks: knitted with blue background with red, pink, white wing pattern; knitted with a silver background with yellow and white design; blue with black, pink, white rods; silver with yellow, white rods; red with rods; yellow with rods; unicolor red, yellow, black.

Cauchois silver yellow rods (photo

Cauchois: Blue knitted red - Yellow solid color (photo

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