Pigeon breeds: Fiorentino

Pigeon breeds: Fiorentino

Origin and economic characteristics

Italian breed, once known also with the name of Piedmontese or Tyrolean hen pigeon. Originally it was bred for meat, while today it is considered an exhibition breed for its class and beautiful appearance. It is bred in Italy, where it is considered however a rare breed, Germany and also in the United States.

Morphological characteristics

Colombo very massive, with well-rounded body shape and horizontal posture. Chest and broad shoulders, straight position with high carried tail. The overall height of the subject is divided into three equal parts: tense and neck, body, legs.
Short wings with primary remiges carried over the tail.
The staining recalls that of the gypsy triganini, except for the remiganti which are white.
White, medium-sized nasal caruncles.
Cloaks: the background color is white, the head, wing shield, tail and wedge are colored. The colors present are: black, red, yellow, blue, brown, with or without rods or hammering, of various colors.

Pair of Florentine pigeons: black male, blue-silver female with dark rods (photo F. Zambon)

Colombo Fiorentino bleu (photo by Mc Neillie)

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