Pigeon breeds: Gier

Pigeon breeds: Gier


Colombo originally from the Gier river valley. located between Lyon and Saint-Etienne, especially in the Saint-Chamond area. It is widely believed that this breed was obtained through crosses between racing pigeons and French Bagadesi. The monastic subjects are of more recent creation and have different origins.

Overall impression

Colombo of medium size, with weight varying between 650 and 700 grams (the monacati are a little smaller and lighter) and 41 to 42 centimeters long from the tip of the beak to the end of the tail. Its shape is quick and elegant. without being elongated or massive: it has a proud and erect bearing, it is of a calm disposition.

Breed coats

Blue with black rods, silver with dark rods (Biche), red with rods (Rosé), yellow with rods (Agate), with a monacious design in the mantles: blue with black rods or hammered with black, silver with rods or dark hammering, black , red, yellow.

Gier Monacato red

Gier Rosso laid

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