Pigeon breeds: Modenese Tedesco

Pigeon breeds: Modenese Tedesco


Breed derived from the Triganino Modenese; introduced and selected in Germany from the late 1800s.

Overall impression

Category: Colombi Gallina.
It is the smallest of all hen pigeons with rounded body shapes. The tail is carried a little raised, but not as high as in the other breeds of hen pigeons. It has a horizontal body bearing, its total height must be divided into three equal parts between neck and head, body, legs. The length of the body equals two thirds of the total height.

Breed coats

Both in the Gazzi and in the Schietti: black, black with white rods, blue with no rods, blue with black rods, bronze or white, black hammered blue, bronze hammered blue, silver blue without rods, silver blue with dark rods or sulfur, silver blue dark hammered, dark bronze shield stone, dark bronze shield stone with hems, sulfur shield ocher, sulfur shield ocher with hems, Andalusian, red, red with white rods, red with light shield with hems, yellow, yellow with rods white, light shield yellow with borders, brown without rods, brown with bronze rods, brown hammered bronze, red with rods, red hammered, yellow with rods, hammered yellow.
In the Schietti only: white, black with light shield with edges, blue with light shield with edges, dark stone with light shield with edges; brindle and piebald in black and blue; blue zarzano.
In the Magnani: cream colored, multicolored.

Modenese Tedesco Rosso hammered blunt (photo

Modenese Tedesco Blu vergato nero gazzo (photo

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