Pigeon breeds: Mundane

Pigeon breeds: Mundane

Origin and economic characteristics

The Mondano is an old French breed. At the turn of the century, the most experienced breeders worked together to develop the current type. The breed standard was recognized and adopted in 1931. Among the pioneers of this breed was Mr. Alfred Gritton, president of "Amis du Pigeon" who was the main breeder of this highly appreciated breed.

Morphological characteristics

Colombo very large and heavy, low on the legs with very wide and prominent chest. The weight of the females is around 900 gr while the males reach up to 1000 gr.
The head is small compared to the volume of the body, smooth; short and thick neck at the base; extraordinarily large and well-stocked breast of meat; short and closed tail.
Cloaks: solid white, black, red, yellow, suede; two-tone striped and throttle black, red, yellow; laid and hammered all with white rump.

Mondano Bianco (photo

Mundane: Red throttle - Zarzano vergato (photo

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