Pigeon breeds: Montauban

Pigeon breeds: Montauban

Origin and economic characteristics

This breed appears to originate from the city of Montauban, capital of the department of Tarn et Garonne, located in the South West of France. It was considered a large crested mundane (Gros Mondains Coquilles) derived from the crossing of a Roman with a mundane (for mundanes once meant the "Royal" pigeons, see introduction "Domestic pigeons").
The breed club was born in 1932 and is one of the oldest in France.

Morphological characteristics

Colombo of a calm disposition, very large, low on the legs, long and wide. The head is adorned with a shell tuft completed by a mane that descends along the neck. The weight varies from 800 to 1000 grams.
Cloaks: white, black, red, yellow, brown, blue laid or hammered with black, zarzano with blue, black and red Jacobean, black and red majolica; black, red, yellow and blue throttle.

Red Jacobean Montauban (photo

Montauban red majolica - Montauban black (photo

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