Pigeon breeds: Show Racer

Pigeon breeds: Show Racer


Breed created around 1950 in the United States through crosses between British and Belgian racing pigeons.

Overall impression

Colombo in shape.
Colombo of slightly above average size (the weight of adult subjects is between 425 and 480 grams for females and between 480 and 540 grams for males, while young ones weigh about 30 grams less), vigorous appearance, superb and fairly erect bearing (45 degrees above the ground); the back is wide at the height of the shoulders and narrows in the shape of a wedge going down towards the tail.

Breed coats

Black, white, dark stone, dark hammered stone, blue with black rods, hammered blue, dominant red, dominant yellow, Andalusian, rod indigo, rodless indigo, hammered indigo, silver blue with rods, silver hammered blue, red with rods , hammered red, rod yellow, hammered yellow, blue zarzano, silver blue zarzano, red zarzano, yellow zarzano, multicolored (almond), piebald, brindle.

Andalusian Show Racer - Yellow Show Racer (photo

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