Pigeon breeds: Moravian strasser

Pigeon breeds: Moravian strasser


Colombo created in old Czechoslovakia, and more precisely in Moravia, through crossings between Florentines, Gozzuti and country pigeons.

Overall impression

Colombo in shape.
Sturdy Colombo, with wide and prominent chest. Its length equals double the width of the chest. It has almost horizontal bearing and position on the legs of medium height. Its weight varies between 500 and 600 grams.

Breed coats

Blue with black rods, blue without rods, black, red, yellow, silver blue without rods, silver blue with dark rods, red with rods, hammered blue, hammered silver blue; with rod design or white scaling in the colors: blue, light blue, silver blue, black, red, yellow; with white tail in all the colors mentioned.

Black Moravian Strasser white rods (photo

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