Pigeon breeds: Triganino Modenese

Pigeon breeds: Triganino Modenese

Origin and economic characteristics

Ancient breed of pigeons, whose origin is supposed to date back to the fourteenth century, bred for many centuries in the city of Modena (Emilia Romagna). Here, until the early 1900s, it was used as a messenger over small and medium distances, but, above all, it was used for a characteristic flight game. It is not possible to establish precisely what its progenitors were but, with good probability, it can be said that the Triganino was selected through crosses between indigenous pigeons and pigeons of eastern origin, of the type of the current hen pigeons; this would also explain the characteristic shape of the Triganino which, therefore, is also called Barchetto. The name Triganino would derive to this dove from the speed and grace of its forms that make it resemble a turtle dove, whose Greek name is precisely, Trigon. The first written documents that mention it date back to the fourteenth century, during which it was used by Colombian farmers (or triganieri) in tests that resembled piracy (attracting the doves of others to their dovecote, this ancient sport was also practiced in New York and Glasgow). In the cities of Modena and Reggio Emilia the game of flying has survived, even if practiced only by very few breeders, until the advent of television. In fact, the television antennas scattered on the roofs of the city no longer allowed the Triganini to fly freely, so much so that during their rapid evolutions in the air, they often crashed against us.
The English and German Modena Modena, highly appreciated in England and Germany, are a relatively recent creation and were derived precisely from the Triganini.

Morphological characteristics

The Triganino is a color palette, with an elegant shape and a lively temperament; it has a reduced size, is short, rounded, slender on the high tarsi, well balanced between head and tail, both as recalled by the vertical support; it moves with promptness and agility, has rapid and iridescent flight. There are two types: Gazzi and Schietti.
Taking as reference the Gazzi, the basic colors are 28: Gazzo of black, chestnut, caldano, of pietrascura, maltinto, covro, golden, pietrarossa, pietramarmo, solfanino, toad, of Argentine toad or duccello, sgurafosso, of gray, of biscione, smagliato, wheat monaro, sanguine monaro, liver monaro, magone monaro, brodoceci, pietrachiara, white stone, jujube, cenerino, persicino, giavone, penfurba.
By mixing these basic colors together, it is possible to obtain all the over 200 colors of this breed.

Schietto triganino (photo Fabio Zambon)

Triganino Gazzo (photo Fabio Zambon)

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