Pigeon breeds: German exhibition traveler

Pigeon breeds: German exhibition traveler


Breed created in Germany at the end of the last century, through a careful selection of beautiful racing pigeons and other related breeds.

Overall impression

Colombo in shape.
Colombo with lively appearance, good breeder and flyer. It has a short and robust shape, elegant body, wedge-shaped, carried almost horizontally, the various parts of the body constitute, thanks to the elegance of their lines, a harmonious whole.

Breed coats

Blue with black rods, blue without rods, blue with white rods, black hammered blue, dark stone, dark hammered stone, dark edged stone, solid red, hammered red, edged red, black, red, white, yellow solid, hammered yellow , yellow edged, larked, silver blue with or without brown rods, red laid, yellow laid, blue zarzano, red zarzano, yellow zarzano, black brindle, blue brindle, red brindle, yellow brindle, piebald in all known colors.

German exhibition traveler Blue laid black (photo

German exhibition traveler Red laid (photo

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