Fruit trees: Asimina

Fruit trees: Asimina


LAsimina (Paw-paw or Northern Banana) belongs to the Annonaceae family.
It is native to the eastern United States.
Fruit-bearing deciduous tree resistant up to -20 °, decorative, with branches that start from the ground. The fruit is similar to a squat banana, with a creamy, aromatic and fragrant pulp.

Fruits and seedling of Asimina triloba

Asimina triloba leaf (photo Luca Ceriani)

Varieties and rootstocks

The Asimina germplasm available in the country of origin includes about 30 cultivars.
The most common cultivars in Italy are:
Sunflower, Overleese, Prolific, Davis, Ithaca, Mitchell and Taylor.


The fresh fruits with a creamy and aromatic pulp are reminiscent of a mixture of pineapple, banana and mango.
Industrial preparations: jams, yogurt, creams and ice cream.
Ornamental plant.
Poorly cultivated in Italy, it is present only in some botanical gardens and experimental orchards.


Rustic plant that does not present particular problems of diseases and pests.

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