Mushrooms: Helvella infula

Mushrooms: Helvella infula

Class: Ascomycetes
Scientific name: Helvella infula Schff.
Synonym: Physomytra infula - Gyromitra infula (Schff. Ex Pers.) Quél.
Common name: Morel Morel - Elvella infula

Morphological characteristics

Carpoforo: 5-10 cm, grows together with the stem, with very irregular curled and lobed edges, reddish brown, darker with age.
Stem: 3-5 x 1.5-2 cm, initially cylindrical, then compressed and furrowed, pruinose, pale brown then reddish or gray-lilac.
Meat: thin, whitish, reddish, leathery, with a fungal smell and pleasant taste.
spore: hyaline.

Helvella infula (photo

Edibility, habitat and observations

Relationship with the surrounding plant environment: saprophytic mushroom.
It grows in pine and beech woods, between wood residues or burnt areas, even on sawdust, in summer-autumn.
Edibility: poisonous.

Video: Helvella costifera hypogeous fungi (October 2021).