Cat breeds: Lambkin

Cat breeds: Lambkin

FIFe classification and history

Country of origin: United States.

It is an American breed obtained by crossing a Munchkin cat, a short-legged breed, and a Selkirk Rex, with a characteristic curly hair. The first specimen was obtained in 1991. The breed was recognized by the Cat Association (TICA).

General aspect

The name derives from the characteristic aspect of the hair, similar to that of a lamb, curly, long and ruffled. The legs are very short. It can occur in two hair lengths: long and short.

Lambkin cat (photo


Quiet, sweet and adorable. Despite his short legs, he is very agile and able to jump.


Using a soft brush it would normally be necessary to brush it at least 3-4 times a week; during the moulting period it is recommended to brush it every day. For the cat's health it must be protected from sudden changes in temperature or extreme temperatures (either too hot or too cold).

Lambkin (photo

Lamkin breed kitten (photo

Variety of color

All colors are allowed.


Category: Short or Long Hair.
Recognized by the Cat Association (TICA)

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