WWF Oasis Lake Conza - Campania

WWF Oasis Lake Conza - Campania

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: WWF oasis established in 2003
Region: Campania
Province: Avellino

WWF Lake Conza is located in the province of Avellino, in the municipality of Conza della Campania and occupies an area of ​​about 800 hectares. The average height above sea level it is about 420 m.

WWF Oasis Lake Conza (photo


The artificial lake of Conza, originating from a barrier on the Ofanto river, with the areas downstream of the dam, represents the largest wetland in Campania. Located on the Ofanto-Sele route, it constitutes, together with the WWF Oasis of Persano, the resting and resting station for birds along the migratory route between the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic.
Before the construction of the barrier, the hygrophilous forest vegetated in the floodplain of the Ofanto. Subsequently, with the forced abandonment of the crops and with the extraction of the material necessary for the construction of the dam, there was an expansion of the hygrophilous vegetation, mainly of willows and poplars, accompanied by the typical marsh vegetation. In these areas, small ponds with thick reeds have also been created, both as a result of the resurgences and for the craters created with the excavation activity. The flora is composed of the hygrophilous forest, swamp straw, cattail, scirpo, marsh iris and pastures and steppe environments. Fauna is mainly represented by aquatic birdlife. 140 bird species have been counted.

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Campana Association for WWF Oasis (A.C.O.WWWF) in agreement with the Irrigation Authority of Puglia, Lucania and Irpinia and with the Province of Avellino.

Video: 2 a Parte Gita allOasi WWF di Conza + Diga mp4 (October 2021).