Lestra della Coscia State Natural Reserve - Lazio

Lestra della Coscia State Natural Reserve - Lazio

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: State Natural Reserve; established with Ministerial Decree July 26, 1971; falls within the Circeo National Park.
Lazio region
Province: Latina

The Lestra della Coscia State Nature Reserve involves a wreck of the plain forest with an eucalyptus plantation; it has an area of ​​42 hectares and is located in the Municipality of Sabaudia (LT).

Lestra dellAgro Pontino


The Lestra della Coscia Reserve involves a mesoxerophile type of forest plain with a plantation of eucalyptus and heather-emirate vegetation.

Pasture and windows in the Pontine area

The right to graze and build a rustic camp in the forest, ius pascendi et facendi lestri, it was mainly related to the practice of transhumance. Shepherds and herdsmen came from inland Lazio and Abruzzo. The owners of livestock were provided with a recommendation and a guarantee of good conduct, drawn up by the parish priest of the country of origin. Together with the right to graze, it was also purchased to build fences for animals and huts for men.
Their traces of the shepherds and hunters from the Apennines (in the winter) are still visible: from the existing and still used by the Sonninesi shepherds who rarely meet, from the ancient huts, simple dwellings made of stones and with thatched roofs called "stramma" present in the area of ​​Camposoriano, MonteRomano, walled houses, shelters of the shepherds in the summer seasons, from the "Lestre"Houses built in the highest clearings of the Circeo forest, made of wood and straw with a fence to enclose the animals, where transhumants seasoned until June and then went up

Information for the visit

Direction of the Circeo National Park
Via Carlo Alberto, 107
04016 Sabaudia (LT)

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