Breeds of chickens: Northern fighter

Breeds of chickens: Northern fighter

Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

French breed (Combattant du Nord) of very ancient origins.
The purpose of the selection was to obtain particularly aggressive, strong and wound-resistant subjects.
The beauty of the appearance and the variety of the coat make it today a breed particularly appreciated by breeders for display purposes.

Morphological characteristics

There are many varieties of coat: white, black, white and red, golden, golden speckled, silvered, silver speckled and others.
Crest, wattles and mumps as small as combat breeds. Strong neck with abundant cape. Narrow abdomen and small back. Long wings. Wide tail. Wide legs with muscular thighs. Dark yellow or greenish tarsi with robust spurs.

Medium weight:
- Roosters up to 5.0 kg
- Hens up to 4.0 kg

Northern Fighting Rooster (photo

Northern Hen and Rooster (photo

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