Chicken breeds: Deutsche Sperber - German Sparrowhawk

Chicken breeds: Deutsche Sperber - German Sparrowhawk

Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

The Deutsche Sperber (German Sparrowhawk) is a German breed created in 1903 starting from crossbreeds with Bergische SchlottenKämmer, black Menorca, Livorno perniciata and Plymouth rock barred.
Rustic breed, resistant, excellent laying (eggs with white shell).

Morphological characteristics

The only variety with a cuckoo mantle.
Simple crest with five points, straight in the cock and folded in the back in the hen. Horn-colored beak. White mumps and large and red wattles. medium long neck with cape that falls on the shoulders. Wide abdomen and back. Long, close-fitting wings.

Medium weight:
- Roosters kg 2,5 - 3,0
- Hens 2.0 - 2.5 kg

Deutsche Sperber breed hen (photo

Deutsche Sperber breed rooster (photo

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