Chicken breeds: Ostfriesische Moeven - East Frisian Gull

Chicken breeds: Ostfriesische Moeven - East Frisian Gull

Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

German breed bred near Hanover (Westphalia) since the early nineteenth century.
In Italy it is known as the East Frisian Seagull.
Excellent laying hen, with hatching aptitude.

Morphological characteristics

There are two varieties: silver and golden.
Head with simple crest. Eye with dark brown iris. White mumps. Wide abdomen and back. Wide tail with long sickles. Tarsi slate.

Medium weight:
- Gauls 2.25 - 3.0 kg
- Hens kg 1,75 - 2,5

Ostfriesische Möven rooster and hen (photo website)

Breed Ostfriesische Möven (photo

Breed standard FIAV


Ancient common chicken of the North-West coast of Germany.

Minimum weight g. 55
Shell color: white

Rooster: 18
Hen: 16

Common form of chicken, medium in size, but not coarse; medium height habit; plumage tightened to the body; complete difference between the design of the rooster and that of the hen; lively character.

General appearance and characteristics of the breed

Trunk: shaped like a solid elongated quadrilateral and with rounded lines. In the well-rounded and elongated rectangle-shaped hen.
Head: narrow, but of medium size.
Beak: powerful; slightly curved; blue color up to horn.
Eyes: bright; quite large; yellow-red to brown-red iris.
Crest: simple; medium sized; regularly toothed; lobe that does not follow the nape line. In the small, well-cut hen, it can fold to one side only in the back.
Bargigli: medium length; well rounded.
Face: red; garnished with small feathers.
Mumps: not too large; smooth; whites.
Neck: not too long; full cape.
Shoulders: wide and rounded.
Back: as horizontal as possible. Well feathered croup.
Wings: strong, well-tightened to the body.
Tail: wide and high capacity; long sickle-shaped, broad and well-curved. In the large hen, carried a little lower than the rooster.
Chest: full and quite deep.
Legs: evident legs. Medium length tarsi; fine bone; slate blue color. Medium-length fingers.
Belly: developed and wide enough. In the well-developed hen.

ROOSTER: Kg. 2,25 - 3,0
HEN: Kg. 1,75 - 2,5

Serious defects:
Body too light or too heavy; tail carried too vertical or very open; ridge too large; very red in the mumps.

Conformation: well adherent to the body.


Background color silver white. Gray down jacket. The upper part of the back has an intense black design, in the shape of drops, under the cape. On the coverts of the wings, hidden intense black bow, arranged in bands. The back of the legs has a slight beading that is as black as possible, but barely marked. Remiganti with gray-black internal beards a little confused; white external beards. Pure black tail, white hemming tolerated in small sickles; large black sickles.
Head, neck and upper part of the chest white. The design, called bowing, is deep black with green reflections (not gray or brown).
Gray-black down jacket.
Serious defects: peppering in the cape; yellow reflections on the cover plumage; design too strong, washed out or lacking in sharpness on the upper part of the back and black at the base of the cape in the roosters.
Too dense design, covering too much the background color, washed out or knitted; breast design rising too high; hemming that replaces the tassel at the base of the hen's breast.

Bright golden brown background color, uniform in the cape and on the body. Drops-shaped design, less pronounced than in silver subjects, hidden under the cape. Pure black tail, golden edging tolerated in small sickles.
Golden brown background color, a little lighter than in the rooster, with a clear black bow; a chest with no pattern is preferable (however judge clemently). In the darker hens the breast design comes back a little higher and the whole design appears more restricted.
Serious defects:
Rooster: drawing without shine, too dark or too light; floury traces in the remiges and in the tail; gold in large sickles; cape that gives rise to a strong color contrast.
Hen: background color too brown or clayey; black sprays in the background color; little clear flaking; design strongly grouped with links; strong design in the cape; hemming at the base of the chest.

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