Typical Italian products: PGI Cappellacci from Ferrara

Typical Italian products: PGI Cappellacci from Ferrara

EU recognition: 2016

The ingredients are the same as in the current recipe if it were not for the addition of some spices, such as ginger and pepper, now fallen into disuse but at the time particularly widespread. Some local historians claim that the dialectal term caplaz originates from the shape of the product vaguely resembling that of the straw hat of the peasants, called precisely caplaz.
The pumpkin usually used is the violin, a variety that owes its name to the elongated shape similar to that of the musical instrument, for which, in the past, it has also served as a water or wine tank and as a gunpowder container.
After cooking, steamed or baked, grated cheese, eggs, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and nutmeg are mixed with its pulp; the filling is thus ready to be enclosed in a tortello in the hand-made pastry.

Pumpkin cappellacci from Ferrara

Production specifications - Cappellacci of pumpkin from Ferrara PGI

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