Typical Italian cheeses: Formaio embriago Trevigiano

Typical Italian cheeses: Formaio embriago Trevigiano

Origins and production area

The production of Formaio embriaco (drunken cheese) is widespread in the area between Conegliano Veneto and Oderzo, in the province of Treviso.

Formaio embriago Trevigiano

Formaio embriago Trevigiano (photo

Characteristics and production phases

The starting cheese is the dairy for maturing, produced with a technology very similar to that of Montasio. The forms, still very fresh, are immersed in the must, where they are left to rest for about five days. They are then seasoned at will, in a cool and humid place. The must colors the rind irregularly purplish, but does not penetrate the pasta at all, which appears straw yellow in color, leaving its aromatic trace: the full, decisive, slightly spicy flavor of the pasta is combined, with great harmony of sensations, the vinous perfume of the cellar. The must used is thrown away and this contributes to raising the production costs of this rare specialty.

Gastronomy and recommended wines

The recommended wines for the matching are Latisana del Friuli Cabernet, Lison Pramaggiore Cabernet, Lison Pramaggiore Merlot. It is a table cheese to be consumed with black grapes or mustard.

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