Alessandro Cerofolini - Curriculum vitae

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Dr. Alessandro Cerofolini

My passion for nature was born and grew with me, for multiple reasons I have always been in close contact with fauna and flora. This passion of mine has influenced me considerably in my educational path, in fact in the summer of 2006 I took the final exam at the State Agricultural Technical Institute in Florence, coming out with a mark of 80/100.
I continued this path by enrolling in the Faculty of Agriculture in Florence and choosing the degree course in Wildlife Sciences given the enormous passion for wildlife. In February 2011 I graduated with a thesis entitled Influence of the management plan on the roe deer population in ATC FI 5; I decided to continue the educational path specializing in Sciences and Management of Faunal and Environmental Resources, graduating with the thesis entitled "Comparison of different construction schemes of electrified fences for the defense of vineyards". I have obtained the qualification for selection hunting for deer, deer and fallow deer species and I am a contributor for the magazine "Caccia piĆ¹".

- I collaborated on the creation of the website Atlas of Wildlife

- I wrote the article Il Capriolo published on the website magazine

- I collaborate with the website forum by moderating the Wildlife section

- Moderate the Wildlife section of the website Forum

Alessandro Cerofolini - Lastra a Signa (Florence)

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