Turkeys: White

Turkeys: White

White turkey

Currently most of the authors agree in recognizing only a white turkey that has the same size as Bronzato. Weight male 9-15 kg, female 6-8 kg.
White turkey breeding was preferred as white feathers were in demand. Today this livery is preferred because the residual spikes of mechanical plucking are less visible.
The following breeds were once well known:

Holland white

The whole livery is pure white; the black granatello stands out above the light feathers. The beak is light horn-colored, the tarsi pale red and the dark brown eyes. The skin is white, but can take on a straw color with appropriate nutrition. Both sexes have the same color livery.
The turkeys have a yellow duvet.
A serious flaw is the presence of off-white. The weight is slightly lower than that of the bronze of America.
The male reaches 6 kg, the female 5 kg.

Beltsville White (Beltsville Small White)

This breed was selected in 1941 in the homonymous genetic station of the USA and was recognized by the American Poultry Association as a new variety in 1951. Although of low weight it was highly appreciated because it has a good conformation with a large chest and also a good conversion of meat feed, in addition to its marked resistance to diseases and does not require artificial fertilization, given its excellent reproductive aptitudes. At 14 weeks the male weighs 3.4 kg and the female 2.5 kg. The body is fairly compact, the chest deep and the chest well developed and broad. Egg production is excellent (158 per season) and so is fertility and hatching. The livery is white in both sexes. In this breed you can notice a greater orientation towards functional characteristics unlike others marked mainly on morphological ones.
In France, crossed with black turkey, it gave rise to B├ętina known and appreciated all over the world.

White Holland Turkeys - White Male from Beltsville

Bianca Inglese

Weight: for the adult male 12.5 kg (its standard foresees that it does not exceed 17.25 kg); 7.25-10 kg for the adult female.

Virginia White

Male 8-10 kg; Female 6-8 kg.

White from Austria

Male 4 kg; Female 3-3.5 kg.

White Giant (Broad Breasted White-BBW or Large White-LW)

After the BBB the White Giant was created through substitution crossings and with a subsequent selection action. And so, already since 1965 most of the bronze turkeys were replaced by white turkeys. The importance of having a turkey of the BBB size but with a white livery was due to the fact that after the mechanical plucking the spikes remaining on the skin are less visible and therefore this type of turkey is more in demand by the consumer.
The size of the white turkey is equal to or slightly higher than that of the BBB, maintaining the same functional characteristics for good meat production. It is considered by many to be more delicate and less rustic than the other and therefore less resistant to diseases. This breed is not included in the Official Standards.
Medium weight:
- Male 14.95 kg
- Female 8.15 kg

Giant White Turkey

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