Newbies to gardening believe that grass and bushes are cut with the classic scissors or scissors. These tools may be fine for small plots of land or small gardens, but in large areas it would be better to use mechanical tools. The grass and bushes can in fact be cut with brush cutters, light, comfortable and handy tools used to clean even large green areas. In our section we will devote ample space to the various types of brushcutters, their operating characteristics and many other aspects that can be useful in choosing these tools.The brushcutters are mechanical tools equipped with handle, telescopic rod and metal disc or head in nylon. These last two components represent the cutting apparatus. The support rod of the brushcutter is usually also made of metal, ... continue

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continue ... , with handle cover in thermoplastic and ergonomic material. This material facilitates the grip of the tool and the dexterity in movements. The most common brushcutters have a U-shaped handle. These tools can be battery operated or petrol powered. The choice between one model and the other depends on your personal tastes but also on the surface to be cut. Generally, petrol-powered brushcutters are those that have the greatest power. A battery-powered brushcutter can have a power of 230W, while the petrol-powered brushcutter has a power of 1000W. After the same, the battery-powered brushcutter guarantees more than half an hour of uninterrupted work. Brushcutters, being mechanical tools, have more advantages than disadvantages. The main advantage is that they are very light, practical, comfortable and easy to maneuver. The second is that they allow you to treat large surfaces, saving time and effort. Now, given the increasingly frenetic pace of modern life, it would be impossible to care for the garden with simple hand tools. The disadvantages of brushcutters are therefore very marginal. Those with petrol can be polluting and require about six liters of fuel per tank, while those with battery can require work breaks due to the need to recharge the power device. Another disadvantage of the brushcutter is the noise, often annoying and continuous, which is emitted during the use of the tool. Modern brushcutters seem to be quieter than older models, but this feature should always be checked at the time of purchase. The speed and cutting precision of the brushcutter are guaranteed by periodic maintenance or replacement of the blades or cutting discs. These must be carefully cleaned after use and replaced in case of wear and tear due to the works. Metal discs can also rust due to rain and humidity, which is why it is advisable to use the tool only in mild weather and in the absence of frost and humidity. More resistant to all weather conditions are the nylon heads, which withstand high conditions of humidity, heat and temperature. It must be said, however, that tall grass and bushes should never be cut in case of rain or excessive humidity, because the wheels of the trimmer, and the relative blades, would not be able to cut vegetable remains weighed down by water. . When not in use, the brush cutter must be disassembled in all its parts, cleaned and then stored (even reassembled and in its entirety) in the appropriate case and in a safe and dry place. Modern brushcutters do not have excessive costs. Their affordable prices depend on the practicality of the materials and the increasingly frequent discounts offered by retailers. However, for precision work, it is always advisable to focus on professional brushcutters, which, given their high quality, have slightly higher costs than those for hobby use. A professional battery-powered brushcutter costs around 500 euros. The accessories for its operation, such as the battery and the charger, also affect this price. The first costs about ninety euros, while the second, two hundred euros. In our section, however, we will go to the discovery of the most modern and innovative brushcutters, but also of the cheapest ones and with easily affordable prices. A petrol engine brushcutter, on the other hand, costs from six hundred to eight hundred euros. There are also backpack brushcutters, to be used in case of more difficult jobs on flat areas or for cuts on slopes that are difficult to travel. These brushcutters are typically more expensive. Their market price is in fact around 750 euros. We will talk about this and more in the individual articles of our section. To find out more, we invite you to consult it. Enjoy the reading.