Garden plants

Garden plants

Question: Garden plants

Dear editorial staff,

with the imminent arrival of spring my husband and I have decided to put our hand to our garden permanently. We would like to create a beautiful lawn, surround the pond (built thanks to your suggestions last year) with flowering bushes and, along the whole

perimeter of the garden place a hedge to give shelter (during the winter the wind is very frequent and strong, also living in the hinterland often the night temperature and below zero) to the flowers in the garden.

And now we need your help again in choosing which plants to buy. The garden is north facing, there are (for many years) 2 fir trees which,

being taller than the house, they cast a lot of shade. Furthermore, we should also think about a sloping land, this always the shade, which is now completely bare. Are there shrubs that can grow in such conditions and bloom in winter?

Our house is near a chestnut wood and in spring we are surrounded by many birds. Are there hedges capable of welcoming them and giving them shelter and nutrition?

We thank you in advance for the help you will want to give us.

With sympathy Roberto & Rina

Garden Plants: Answer

Dear Rina,

Thank you for contacting us about your plant questions

garden, through the column of the Expert of Our site.

The study and research of plants to be placed in a garden must be done in order to satisfy our aesthetic taste, perform an ornamental function and be easy to maintain. Based on your requests, we can suggest a Dichondra lawn

which does not need to be clipped and tolerates trampling very well, even if in winter it loses some of its aesthetic appearance they become green-brown in color.

As for the shrubs, the choice is a bit difficult if we have brightness limitations. Flowering perennials are very suitable, among these we can

indicate oleanders, jasmines, hydrangeas, mimosa, ancient roses, Forsythia, passion flowers etc.,. Near the pond we can place moisture-loving plants such as bamboo, reed, Papito, Willow. The best advice is to contact an expert nurseryman in the area who has a nice catalog of plants that grow well in your reality, which is not subject to many diseases.

and that they are typical of the place to integrate easily with the local fauna.

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