Question: Making freesia bulbs bloom

Dear Editors,

I would like to have some information about freesia and tulip bulbs.

I planted freesia bulbs they gave me for several years, but after the leaves were born, the flower never came out.

Every year after the leaves have dried, I take the bulbs and plant them in the dark in a dry place.

As soon as the first shoots came out, I planted them in a place sheltered from water and cold, but only the leaves and not the flowers were born on time.

As for the tulip bulbs, after flowering, I carried out the same procedure for the freesias bulbs but this year the stems barely came out of the earth by only one centimeter. I planted both of these bulb types in pots and placed in an east-facing balcony.

Could you give me tips to make sure that these bulbs are also able to bloom?

Awaiting your reply. Thank you very much

Simona Biggi

Freesia: Answer: Make freesia bulbs bloom

Dear Simona,

I understand from your letter that the storage methods of the bulbs are correct.

However, keep in mind that small bulbs (i.e. those that break away from larger bulbs) bloom for the first time after three years. In practice, every year the bulb grows in diameter (producing only leaves in the first three years) and then blooms from the fourth year onwards.

This could be the reason your tulips aren't blooming.

The larger bulbs, however, should bloom! So it can be a problem related to the terrain.

Some advice on the type of substrate suitable can be found in the "Bulbs" section.

Furthermore, I advise you to plant the bulbs in November (without waiting for the first shoots to appear), placing them in well-drained soils where they can receive rainwater. In this way, in fact, they will be able to develop the root system before the summer comes. Consider that the bulb, sensing the cold, blocks all its activities (so there is no danger of it freezing).

Let us know.

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