Parsley - Petroselium hortense

Parsley - Petroselium hortense

Name: Petroselium hortense Hoffm.

Harvest: The roots in spring and autumn; the leaves in early spring; the fruits in summer. The collection of the different parts takes place only during the first and second year of the plant's life.

Properties: Roots: diuretic, aperitif, sudorific; the leaves: febrifuge, vitamin; the fruits; carmative, stomatal.

Family: Umbelliferae.

Common names: petroselino, apio ortese, pidarsol.

Storage: The roots must be dried in the shade and stored in bags, the fruits in the sun and then placed in glass jars and the leaves are preferably to be used fresh as otherwise they lose most of their properties.

Use: internal use: decoctions and infusions of the different parts, use of the juice of the leaves; external use: application of the leaves as an antiseptic and cicatrizant, fresh juice of the leaves to fight inflammation.

Notes: Leaving 100 gr. of parsley leaves in a liter of water you get a skin lightening lotion; if you also add the juice extracted from fresh leaves you can lighten freckles and skin spots.

Video: Seedling Identification Hamburg Parsley (October 2021).