If the hours do not arrive

adventurous serene,

ah don't look for roses

of the virgin morning.

Ah! Don't look for a flower

that you contrast your pain!

A brown flower is enough for you

over the crumbling crin.

Of pale Hyacinths

Let your garland be;

my little girl,

you're so pale.

In that color they are dyed

your beautiful honest eyes,

that flower resembles sadness

your lonely days.

Antonio Peretti

In symbolic language the Hyacinth symbolizes Benevolence, perhaps in memory of that shown by Apollo towards Hyacinth. It also means Jealousy and the acceptance of an appointment. Moreover, it is a melancholy flower that awakens pathetic and mourning ideas, and many poets have made it an emblem of mourning.

Video: Hyacinth House (October 2021).