Pink Amber

Pink Amber

Pink amber - pink amber">PINK POLIANTA Pink amber - pink amber">Pink amber


Pink amber is an ideal variety to grow for friends of "nostalgic or English roses". It features large, full flowers of a beautiful amber color edged with pink. Elegance and delicacy distinguish this splendid species. Its dark green foliage is very robust. It reaches an average height of 0.70 m. The scent of its petals is delicate.

Rosy Amber: Floribunda roses

Pink amber belongs to the genus of floribunda roses, modern roses generated by the crossing between hybrids of tea and polyanta roses. They are particularly popular for their abundant flowering and aesthetic beauty. Often, they are also referred to as cluster roses due to their ability to develop multiple buds along the same branch. It is possible to use them to create beautiful colorful gardens with great visual impact or to embellish flower beds and urban spaces.

Video: Making and cutting Pink Amber Musk. Cold process soap (October 2021).