Starry magnolia

Starry magnolia

Question: what plant is this?

Dear editorial staff,

could you tell me which plant is the one in the photo?

I couldn't find it anywhere and I bet it will be one of the most common .........

Thanking you for the attention you would like to dedicate to me, I offer cordial greetings.


Magnolia stellata: Answer: recognize plants

Dear Enrico,

it is not always easy to recognize the plants we see in the gardens, even only those in the city flower beds; there are hundreds of widespread plants in cultivation, if we add species and varieties we certainly reach the thousands, only an accustomed and attentive eye can recognize flowers, foliage, bark.

In the case indicated by you it is in fact a very widespread plant, even if in a quite particular species, especially as regards the flowers: it is a starry Magnolia.

You probably never noticed one because these plants have a beautiful spring flowering, which lasts a few days, and then they go back to being ordinary little trees, quite elegant, but not at all showy or strange.

Then you will have passed by dozens of starry magnolias, not in bloom, and you will not have noticed anything so beautiful as to strike your imagination as a gardener.

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