Geraniums from cuttings

Geraniums from cuttings

Geraniums are fast-growing plants from which cuttings can be made and rooted easily.

These cuttings should be prepared in autumn and then protected, in order to have plants already well developed in spring, but it is also possible to prepare geranium cuttings in spring, taking them from newly purchased plants.

We proceed by preparing some small pots, filled with a good universal soil, lightened with washed river sand. These jars are placed in a saucer and watered, in order to moisten the growing substrate well.

Then, with very sharp and clean shears, the apexes of the geranium branches, 7-10 cm long, are removed, choosing those that do not bear flowers.

From these small branches the vegetative apexes are removed, and with the fingers all the leaves in the lower two thirds of the cutting are removed.

At this point, with a grafting knife, or even with shears, we cut the lower part obliquely, in order to obtain a sort of tip; this tip will be immersed in the rooting hormone and then inserted in the soil. Keep the cuttings in a place protected from the wind and direct sun, and keep them moist until the twigs begin to sprout

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