Remove a lemon

Remove a lemon

Question: removing a lemon

Hi, I am reorganizing the garden and on the occasion I would like to move a lemon plant of about 2 years which is the right period? or am I in danger of ruining it?

Thanking you in advance cordial greetings

Answer: pluck a lemon

Dear Massimo,

in general, lemon plants tend not to have a complete vegetative rest period, so when you remove it and move it you will certainly have to give up flowers and fruit that are not yet ripe; considering this the best time to move it is autumn or late spring, in any case not in a period in which the plant has many flowers.

Remember to start the removal by pruning the plant well, removing about a third of the foliage; then proceed by removing a large piece of earth from the ground, in order to transfer most of the root system still intact. Your lemon should be small in size, so I don't think it will suffer much.

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