Question: yucca-benjamin

my yucca that I have withdrawn from the terrace and placed in an apartment for a few days has the tips of the leaves blackened and in some cases at the top they are mRCE. I have never had any other problems and I don't know what to do. I assume that since I have been at home I only use the bathroom once a week.

The darling, on the other hand, has all the leaves of the branches, even tall ones, yellow and soft. Even here the watering is weekly. Can you help me?

Answer: yucca-benjamin

Dear Ornella,

your plants appear to have received excessive amounts of watering; in fact, plants are living beings, and as such it is not possible to decide a precise interval between waterings, because there are too many variables. Especially in the months when the days are short, water your plants only when the soil is dry, even in depth.

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